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A brand inspired by the concept of alchemy, representing the transformation and growth that individuals experience throughout their lives.

The essential hoodie, the cornerstone of Alchemai, offers both physical comfort and emotional safety and represents the culmination of a lifetime worth of growth. The hoodie is designed to provide a safe space and comfort during the customer's journey of self-discovery and inner work.

Alchemai seeks to inspire and transform people to become their future selves, and the essential hoodie is just one way that the brand can support that journey.

In Mai’s Words

“I have always been a fan of XL hoodies because of the comfort they provide. Whenever I am going through tough times, battling mental health issues, cleaning my depression room at 2AM, or just needing something cozy to wear in my videos, I always reach for a hoodie. However, I always felt like there was something missing from the hoodies I owned.

During my personal journey of self-discovery and inner work, I realized the potential of my hoodie design to connect with people on a deeper level. I felt that the hoodie could be more than just a piece of clothing - it could be a symbol of one's personal journey through life. And thus, the Essential Hoodie was born.

The essential hoodie is designed to embody the individual journey that each person takes throughout their life. Its cozy and comfortable design offers me a safe and comforting space during times when I may feel lost or uncertain. In this way, the hoodie becomes more than just a piece of clothing - it becomes a companion for my journey through life.”


At Alchemai, we believe that a hoodie is more than just a piece of clothing. It's a source of comfort and security, both physically and emotionally. That's why we've put so much time and effort into creating the perfect hoodie - one that fits just right and provides the ultimate level of comfort. We're proud to say that our one-size hoodie fits from XS to 2XL, ensuring that as many people as possible can experience the comfort and warmth of our hoodie.

Our journey began in Los Angeles, where we spent a whole year developing the perfect fabric for our hoodie. We wanted a custom blend that was both soft and durable, one that could be worn throughout all seasons. Our custom cut-and-sew pattern, combined with custom-milled poly/cotton blend fabric and ribbing, ensures that this hoodie will be the comfiest one you'll own.

We don't believe in focusing solely on the design of our hoodie - we focus on its functionality. That's why we've included a pocket inside the kangaroo pocket, perfect for storing your passport or keys. And our oversized hood is designed to be worn with headphones or a high ponytail, while also doubling as a sleeping mask during travel. Pull the hood over your face and find solace in the knowledge that everything you seek is already within you.

At Alchemai, we're not just a clothing brand - we're here to provide you with the comfort and security you need to face the world.

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